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RAW Files

As clear from its name, RAW is the unprocessed or minimal processed images taken from the cameras, a motion picture film scanner or any other image scanner. This is the most common image file format for uncompressed images captured by the digital cameras and most of the scanners. 

Since these files have direct image data from cameras, these have images in the best possible quality. These images have the maximum details of the image so that these can be edited according to the taste of the users. 

The bad thing about RAW files is that these are not processed that's why these cannot be printed or edited directly with a basic bitmap graphic software.

Problems with RAW Files

These files have images in the best possible quality but still, these are not processed and images cannot be printed or edited in RAW format. These files also have large size and require a lot of space to store them.

The main issue with the RAW is that these are not compatible with many image editing software. Even a basic version of bitmap graphic software cannot edit these files. 

Use RAW to JPG Converter

JPG is the most commonly used format by digital cameras to view and edit captured images. This is the compressed form of the image file and can be reduced to a size up to 10 times smaller than the RAW file. These files are compatible to use with almost every device or application and can be edited easily. 

RAW to JPG Converters is the tools that help you in converting the RAW files into JPG format. You can find several RAW to JPG Converters online and start converting RAW files into JPG format.

Features of RAW to JPG Converter

Minimum Loss of Quality

Since JPG files can be compressed up to 10 times, it affects the quality of the image. A good RAW to JPG Converter ensures that you get the almost same quality as you have in RAW format.

Good for Printing

RAW to JPG Converter produces images that can be printed with ease. The JPG format can be processed between a ratio if 1:10. It means if you have different printing requirements, you can compress the image anywhere between 1:10 to get desired print quality.

Process Multiple Images

If you are a photographer, you may have hundreds or thousands of RAW images that have to be processed and converted into JPG format. Converting so many images can be a great challenge but thanks to the batch processing feature that enables you to convert multiple files together and saves a lot of your time.  


RAW to JPG Converters is compatible to use with almost every OS. It doesn't matter if you are using Windows or any other software.

Low on Resources

Usually, these tools don't have to be downloaded and you can convert images online. Even if you have to download them, they are small in size and don't eat up your storage space. Also, they don't use a lot of CPU power.

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