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What is the NEF File?

NEF stands for Nikon Electronic Format and is a Nikon raw image file. All the images captured by a Nikon camera are saved in NEF format and this format is used solely by the Nikon cameras. 

The NEF can be considered as a close relative of TIFF format as it has been designed on the TIFF model. Just like other RAW image files contain basic information or metadata, NEF format also retains all the information of the images captured by the camera including metadata like camera and lens model.

What is JPG Format?

JPG is the most popular format used by most of the digital cameras to save captured images. The basic purpose of using the JPG format is to store images in small size files. If you look around, you will find that most of the operating systems and websites use this compresses image format. 

When we import images from a Nikon camera, those images are with .nef format. These images can be large that's why you need more space to store them. Also, this format is not supported by several devices and can cause an issue while reviewing those images.

This issue can be resolved by converting .nef images to JPG format that is supported by almost every device and a NEF to JPG Converter can help you in converting these files conveniently. 

NEF to JPG Converters

These are specific software that is designed specially to convert NEF files into JPG format. The online market is full of NEF to JPG Converters and you can select one of your choices. 

Before selecting a tool for you, you must consider some features that a NEF to JPG Converter must have to get the full advantage of JPG format. 

1- Minimum Loss of Quality

In JPG files, a compression ratio of 10:1 can be applied. This can hurt the quality of the image. A good NEF to JPG Converter always makes sure the minimum loss of quality. 

2- User Friendly

NEF to JPG Converter must require no or minimum technical knowledge. It is always a difficult task for a user to go through pages of instruction and lengthy tutorials. 

3- Intuitive Design

User interference must be easy to use and simple. Since NEF to JPG Converters offer a lot of features and placing all features on one dashboard can create a mess. The dashboard must be organised in such a way that all the features can be found easily.

4- Batch Processing

Batch processing helps you in processing multiple profiles in less time. This feature enables the user to convert a number of files into JPG format at one time. The great thing is that it doesn't matter how many files you do in one go as it will maintain the quality of all images.

5- Better Image for Printing

NEF to JPG Converter produces JPG files that can be printed much conveniently as compared to NEF file. These files produce the same printing quality as expected from the NEF file.

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