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NEF Image Format

NEF is a RAW image file or digital negative used solely by the Nikon's cameras. These images come directly from the camera lens and are in unprocessed form.

NEF file contains all the information about the image taken from the camera including metadata. The metadata information includes camera identifications like a model, settings of the camera, lens model and any other related information. 

NEF files are unprocessed or have minimally processed data. Due to this issue, these images cannot be edited and printed.

NEF Converter

NEF converter has the job to convert these images into a format that suits your requirements. This tool can easily convert NEF files to jpg, png, gif, tiff and webp images. Its ability to convert NEF files into multiple formats makes it a convenient tool that can fulfil all your needs. 

How to Convert Images

NEF converter has a simple process of converting the images and processes the files within a few seconds. The process starts from adding the NEF raw images to NEF converter. Either you can click the search button to locate the file from the drive or simply drag and drop the file into the converter. 

Once you have added the file, click on convert all button. Within a few seconds, the images will be converted and you will be provided with a download link to get your jpg, png, gif, tiff and webp images. 

Advantages of Using NEF Converter

This all-in-one NEF converter is one of the best tools available online you will not be required to download any other converter as it will convert images to the most commonly used images formats.

Convert from Anywhere

The great thing about NEF Converter is that for conversion purpose, the NEF image does not have to be necessarily in your computer. You can get them directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and URL. 

Use as Extension

NEF Converter can be added to your browser as an extension. So, you do not have to download the application and can open it with just a click.


Since you do not have to download the application and extension is only 7.31KB in size, it does not eat up your storage capacity. Also, this app does not need any special hardware or other software to use. It also does not consume the power of your CPU and it can be used for other applications. 

Batch Processing

So that you can convert images quickly, NEF Converter offers batch processing feature. Now add multiple images files to the converter and click on convert all. It will process all the images within a few seconds and saves you from the hassle of converting images one by one. 

Simple to Use

You donít have to be tech-savvy to use this application. NEF Converter has a simple process of setting it up, adding the NEF images and converting into the format of your choice. Its intuitive interface is well-organised and all the features have been located in such a way that anyone can locate them easily. 

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