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What is CR2?

A .CR2 file is the extension used by the Canon camera. The images captured by the camera are stored in this format and when extracted to another device, the images will have a .cr2 extension. These raw images can be considered as digital negatives. 

When we extract images from the camera, the image files come out as totally unprocessed. It means the files will have all the data and no quality loss. 


JPG format is considered as the best format to store images on devices and to use on websites. This commonly used digital image format has compressed image data. 

JPG is the most commonly used and popular image format for sharing images and photos between different devices and over the internet. 

Convert CR2 into JPG Format

CR2 files coming directly from the camera are unprocessed files and this format is not recognisable for many devices. To make these images familiar for all devices, these need to be converted into easy-to-handle file formats like JPG. 

Another issue with the CR2 format is that the images will be bulky. They have a lot of information like metadata such as camera information, lens information, bracketing information, white balance and other settings. 

These issues make this format not suitable for normal use, however, these images can be converted into a more convenient format like JPG with the help of CR2 to JPG converter.

How to Convert?

Almost every CR2 to JPG Converter use the same process of converting the files. These converters allow you to add the file by searching it from your device or drag the file and drop into the converter. The next step is to select the image format you want your image to convert into and press convert.

The converted files can be downloaded from the tool into the device you are using. JPG files are compressed form of original files and these can be reduced to 1:10. However, due to the compression, the JPG format can cause loss a little bit of loss of image quality.

Features of CR2 to JPG Converter

You can find a lot of converters online and all can do the job for you, however, there are some features that you should consider before selecting one for the conversion. 

Batch Processing

If you are converting multiple files, it will be a hassle if you have to convert each file separately. Batch processing is a feature that allows you to convert multiple files at the same time and helps you in saving time and efforts. 

User Friendly

Some converters are advanced and cannot be used easily by people with less technical knowledge. A CR2 to JPG Converter is the best if it can be used without any difficulty by the new users. It must have simple and organised user interference where all the necessary features can be found easily. 


Some of the CR2 to JPG Converters may not be free of cost or require you to pay the subscription fee. A tool that can be downloaded free of cost and doesn't require an annual or monthly fee can be found easily.

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