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CR2 Files

We have read about the RAW files that are used by the digital cameras and scanners to capture the images. CR2 is a RAW image file that has been used by the Canon cameras only. These files are taken directly from the camera. 

CR2 files are unprocessed and need to be converted into more compatible and lighter formats like JPEG. JPEG is much smaller in size as compared to CR2 files as it doesn't have additional information as CR2 has like metadata. This information includes camera information, lens information, bracketing information, white balance and any other setting that was used while capturing the image.

Why Converting CR2 Files into JPEG?

CR2 are the unprocessed image files. Even though these files have the maximum image quality and full details but still these cannot be easily edited or printed. The other thing is that these files are large and requires much more storage space as compared to JPEG files. 

With JPEG format, these CR2 images can be compressed and reduced in size up to 10 times. JPEG are the most popular and commonly used image format used by the devices to store images. It is also famous among the website owners as it is great to be used online. 

CR2 to JPEG Converters

These converters play an important role in converting the CR2 files into JPEG format. These images can be easily edited and printed. CR2 to JPEG Converter by Media Freeware, CR2 Converter, CR2 Converter for Windows by Cannon, File Viewer Plus 3 and batch picture resizer is among the top CR2 to JPEG Converters.

Importance of CR2 to JPEG Converters

These converters are very important for professional and other individuals. With CR2 to JPEG Converters, you can convert CR2 images into JPEG and edit them in the way you want them to.

1- Process Multiple Files

CR2 to JPEG Converter helps you in reducing the time you need to process the CR2 files. add multiple files to the CR2 to JPEG Converter, and watch them converted into JPEG format within a few seconds with just a click of a button. 

2- Secure your Work

Most of the CR2 to JPEG Converters allow you to add watermarks on processed images. These watermarks work as copyright that means nobody else will be able to use your images. 

3- Preserve Quality

A few years back, it was difficult to get the same good quality in output files as in CR2 files. However, you can find a lot of CR2 to JPEG Converters that preserve the quality of the original file and you will get the same quality in JPEG file.

4- Built-in Editor and Resizer

A great thing about these tools is that most of them are equipped with photo editors. It means you may not require to download a photo editor separately and a single tool will work as a converter and editor for you.

Also, these tools can help you to resize the images so that you can use them anywhere. 

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